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NOVEMBER 9, 2015

Thanks for visiting my new website! My coaching business is up and running and I am excited to add to my client base. Even though I've been professionally coaching clients for several months now, to have an online presence makes it feel like it's a 'real thing'. I can assure you this site, and my business, is the product of a lot of soul searching, analysis and evolution on my part. Probably a life time of it! But I truly believe when you feel like you're supposed to be doing something, and you pay attention to that draw (even if you might feel it's leading you astray), you will most often find a sense of peace and ease that makes the times of uncertainty, the sacrifice, or the leap of faith worthwhile. I feel lucky to have had all of the right factors come together to allow me to do some exploration at this time in my life. I look forward to seeing where it all goes.

This blog will be a forum for inspiration, a space for thinking and hopefully a medium for content you connect with. And who are you? You may be a client, a potential client, a friend, or just a visitor passing by. Regardless, I welcome you here. And I always appreciate your feedback and input. Thanks for stopping by. 

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