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New Year. New Look.

Updated: Jan 16, 2018

Happy New Year, friends! This is pretty much the favorite time of year for those of us in the coaching business. New Year’s Eve? No thank you. I gave up on the big expensive parties and trying to find something worthy of the celebration several years ago. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve actually made it to midnight in recent years. But the sparkling clean slate of a brand new year, where everything is refreshed and all possibilities are back on the table? That gets me excited.

Reflecting and Looking Ahead

As I personally reflect back on 2017, I can’t believe how full it was. The beginning was a total blur with a newborn. Then Max and I got married in March in lovely St. Simons Island, GA. We had family beach trips and gatherings. Got into the vacation rental business with our first beach condo. I went on my first post-baby solo trip to San Francisco. We got a little travel trailer and went on our first family camping trip. Spent time with old friends. Made new friends. And got settled into our new home and life in the suburbs, making plenty of trips back into town to stay connected.

On top of all that, I had a lot of epiphanies with my business and my work. After spending a couple of years getting certified, learning, practicing and strategizing, I found myself totally connecting with the actual act of coaching. The new clients that came my way in 2017 were the exact right fit for me and what I offer. I found that coaching put me into a state of flow and was fulfilling in a new and exciting way that I haven’t completely experienced in previous work. And seeing my clients make progress, find their way and figure out how to make their lives amazing has been magical.

So, as I enter 2018, I want more of this work. I often pick a one-word theme for the year. And this year, my word is GROW. This word applies to many areas of my life, but as I look at my business, I have realized that I am ready to grow. And to hopefully serve more and more people. Because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that coaching works. And I want more people to get to experience the benefits, find their flow and to know where they are meant to be.

As a part of this growth, today I am launching a new website. I recently read and loved The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. In this book, Hendricks talks about our different “zones”. There is Zone of Competence, Zone of Excellence and Zone of Genius. I realized that me cobbling together my own website and spending hours figuring out Squarespace, coding and how to write what I really want to say was my Zone of Competence. I think my Zone of Genius is coaching. I want to spend more of my hours doing that. So, I hired two fabulous women whose Zones of Genius are web design and copywriting and they were able to quickly and expertly bring my vision for my website to life. And I wanted to share it, along with some updates, with you.

What’s New:

  • I have a new logo. I kept the butterfly because I like what it represents in the transformational aspect of the work I do. But it’s now an updated modern version, that I really love

  • I have a new look and feel to my brand. A new color palette of more visually pleasing and appealing colors that allow more versatility with my branding and promotional materials

  • Coaching is a relatively new industry. And it can be difficult to articulate what it is – and what it isn’t. My new copy is fresh and more clear on who I am, what I do and what I offer

  • I’ve fine-tuned the details for the 3 types of programs I offer

  • The site in general is simpler and easier to navigate

  • I’ve now included opportunities to partner with businesses – most specifically with my Pathways to Parenthood Program

  • I'm adding a new monthly blog feature, called Leading Ladies, where I spotlight other female entrepreneurs and leaders who share their stories and offer insights they’ve learned along the way. First up: my wonderful copywriter, Elizabeth Robinson. Stay tuned…

What’s The Same:

  • My blog is still written solely by me, with occasional contributions from guest writers

  • My coaching services remain customized to each and every client. Even within a structured program

  • My passion for coaching and for helping others find clarity, confidence and connection is as strong as ever

What I’d Like You To Know About My Programs:

Know & Flow: A Transformational Coaching Program

This program is geared towards women who are approaching or going through a significant milestone or shift in their lives. So often, we stop dreaming in our 20s and just go into autopilot in our chosen direction. Life happens and suddenly we take a look around and maybe now we are in our 30s or 40s and things don’t feel as in sync anymore, but we aren’t sure what to do next. Know & Flow offers you the opportunity to get reacquainted with your current self and discover who she is, what she dreams of and what she wants in her life. Once you figure all of that out, we strategize together to create an action plan to create the life that fits who you are now. We can do this through weekly coaching sessions over 3 months or meet twice a month for 6 months; you decide what works best for you. Along the way, each session is customized to you and what you need right now. Additionally, I share a series of resources that help to support your goals. Together we help you create a toolbox for the future and a day to day life that just flows.

Pathways to Parenthood: Strategic support for new parents at work and beyond

43% of highly qualified women are leaving the workforce or off-ramping for a significant period of time after having a baby.* Global companies are spending $47 billion recruiting and training employees to replace these women.** Companies like Ernst & Young have experienced a 55% decrease in turnover after introducing their coaching program for new parents.***

As I know from my recent experience, becoming a new mom is incredibly overwhelming. From not knowing what to expect along the way, to feeling a shift in your identity, to wondering where this leaves all of your career goals and how you will ever find your momentum again, it’s a process that can leave even the most capable, high achieving person feeling uncertain, anxious and stuck.

I offer a supportive and customized program to help women navigate pregnancy, maternity leave and the first few months of returning to work in a way that allows them to continue to thrive through this big transition. The program includes customized, bi- monthly coaching sessions and exercises and resources that help new parents to be strategic, proactive and cut through the clutter of information out there. Resulting in new moms who feel clearer, more empowered and supported through new parenthood, it’s a win-win for everyone. If you or your company would benefit from this program, I have more details that I can share, feel free to reach out!

Kickstart Coaching: Targeted help for life’s little crossroads

If you’re going through perhaps a smaller transition and just need some targeted, focused support to figure out your next steps, I offer this Kickstart Coaching program to get you going. It’s 4 sessions that take place over 1 to 2 months and we set clear objectives and design an action plan to get you where you’d like to be. Many of my clients in this program want to keep going after the 4 sessions and continue to renew. After all, there are always little things here and there that we need to figure out.


To celebrate my new website and excitement for 2018, I’m giving away a Kickstart Coaching packages (4 one-hour coaching sessions!). If you are interested in entering to win, or know someone who might be, here’s who will be eligible:

I will message the winner at the end of January. Good luck!

And those are my 2018 updates. Stay tuned for more good things this year. And thank you, as always, for following along!

Don't forget to check out my new site at! And please share it with anyone you know who might benefit from one of my coaching programs or enjoy following my blog.



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