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Leading Ladies: Meet Elizabeth Robinson

16 Questions to help you connect with bold women entrepreneurs who are making life work for them.

I'm excited to share my first Leading Ladies spotlight. Today you will meet San-Francisco-based Elizabeth Robinson, owner of Elizabeth Robinson Copywriting, a one-woman content creation business dedicated to crafting top-quality copy for websites, print, blogs, social media, digital ads, and more.

I never thought about hiring a copywriter. Until suddenly I realized that I really needed someone to help me get my thoughts about my business from my head to my website, in a way that is clear and compelling. And without losing my voice. I was so lucky my website designer connected me with Liz. I just love how she translated my words onto my website pages.

And now, here's more of her own her words of course:

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got to where you are.

I’ve always been a writer. It started before I could read; I’d make “picture books” with made-up letters. And now, it’s my profession and also how I unwind. I’ve been keeping journals since I was little, and I spent many years writing poetry (I have an MFA in Poetry, too). As for my career, I started out as a teacher, moved into editing and publishing, became a copywriter in marketing and advertising, and have recently made the jump to working for myself.

2. What are you most excited about in your business right now?

Writing for all types of clients. In my agency life, I wrote for Microsoft for about four years, Visa for several years, and Dell for a handful of years before that. Now I’m writing about real estate, massages, sheets, life and career coaching, you name it. I’m also excited about the community I’m starting to build through my business. I thought that as a lone-wolf writer, I would feel a bit isolated. But I’m actually finding myself partnering up with all kinds of new people: other entrepreneurs, designers, interviewees, other writers…it’s a great feeling.

3. What is your super power or ‘zone of genius’? Focus. I have laser focus when working on a project and just become completely absorbed in the language.

4. What is the biggest challenge that you have overcome along the way? Balancing becoming a mom with my career. That’s part of what’s led me to the freelance life; I have more control over hours and workload, and don’t have to commute. I spent my daughter’s first three years commuting four hours a day total. I was so lucky to have an alternative schedule in the corporate world, but still, the pumping, the feeling of being pulled between worlds was so hard. Working for myself, it’s been much easier to strike a good balance.

5. Tell us about a bold action you’ve taken. Branching out on my own. I like structure, so it was hard to step away from a regular paycheck and the security of working full-time.

6. What are your 3 favorite things about your life today? My family (new son, toddler daughter, wonderful husband, and crazy rescue dog), the growth of my business, and friends.

7. In one word, what is your theme for this year?


8. What is your crazy, wild, maybe-someday dream?

Moving away from the Bay Area someplace a little less crazy. And having an overnight away with my husband. That isn’t too crazy, right?

9. What are you most afraid of?

It’s probably failing. I am a bit of a perfectionist. It doesn’t stop me from putting one foot in front of the other though. And I almost always pull through, sometimes with flying colors.

10. Give us your #1 piece of life or career advice. Make friends and contacts. My friends have been like my family throughout childhood and adulthood, and my work contacts and colleagues have been my greatest asset throughout my career.

11. What is your morning routine? Wake up around 6, get the kids dressed and fed, take my daughter to preschool in the next town over, pick up my mother-in-law so she can watch my son, come home, and get to work.

12. What do you do to recharge when your energy is low?

Go for a hike with my dog and my best friend. A dinner out with friends or my husband does wonders, too.

13. What is your favorite resource that makes life and/or work easier for you?

My laptop. Taking a short break and coming back to a project, for perspective. Actually, I also have a series of word lists I use around certain themes in my work: the holidays, technology, motherhood, etc. They are a great help.

14. Give us an excellent book recommendation. All The Light You Cannot See by Anthony Doerr is one of my favorites of all time.

15. Is there anything else you want us to know about you? I love cabin trips, Christmas morning, baking with my daughter, and vegan feasts.

16. Share a photo that represents where you are in your life.

Thank you for sharing some of your story with us Liz!

If you or your company is in need of content creation or copywriting services, I recommend Liz without hesitation. Here's how you can find her:

Comments, questions or feedback on this post or anything else? Drop me a line!

Stay tuned for another great Leading Lady in March...

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