Pathways to Parenthood

Strategic support for new parents at work and beyond

Many expecting and new parents in the workplace struggle as they combine professional responsibilities with new commitments at home. For companies, this can mean strained teams, a loss of talent, and, ultimately, a decrease in diversity. 

Pathways to Parenthood delivers expert, high-quality support for new parents, so they can thrive during this transition. It offers a strategic, proactive approach to preparing for pregnancy, maternity leave, and returning to work. The result is employees who are happier, more engaged, and more productive—a win for them, and for you.

 Global companies spend up to $47 billion recruiting and training new team members to replace women who leave after having a baby.*

 Coaching for parents can result in a 55% reduction in turnover.**

 75% of parents who received maternity coaching felt valued by their employer. ***

Why Pathways to Parenthood: 

• Improve employee well-being and satisfaction 

• Reduce loss of talent

• Decrease recruiting, training, and onboarding costs 

• Optimize performance levels through the transition to parenthood 

• Ensure maximum workforce diversity

• Join companies like Ernst & Young, Bloomberg, Deutsche Bank, Met Life, and Etsy, who are providing innovative new parent support to their teams. Read more

Participants will: 

• Learn values-based strategies to successfully navigate pregnancy, maternity leave, and returning to work 

• Identify milestones, set goals, and discover gaps in support

• Clarify new roles and responsibilities 

• Develop support teams at home, at work, and in their communities 

• Define boundaries and expectations with family and colleagues

• Establish new daily routines for maximum sustainability

• Receive customized support through a confidential forum

• Access timely, curated resources 

About the program

Timeframe: 10-15 months (Average timeframe- actual length of program depends on length of parental leave)


• Goal setting and strategy development for each participant

• A 30-minute kick-off call to introduce the program to the participant

• Up to (10) 45-minute coaching calls via phone or video conference

• Unlimited email access to coach

• Curated, practical tips and resources through the course of the partnership


Optional: Add a Check-in Package which includes (3) 60-minute sessions to be scheduled at 6, 12, and 18 months after the participant returns to work.


The program fee is $2950 per participant.


Optional Check-In package: $849


We can also design a package for your organization based on your budget and specific requirements.

*A KPMG maternity study for Vodafone, March 2015

**Ernst & Young’s maternity coaching improves retention of talented women, May 2013 

***Ernst & Young’s maternity coaching improves retention of talented women, May 2013

Coaching for Businesses

Helping employees thrive, one at a time

Are you interested in boosting the diversity of your workforce, keeping your team engaged, and lowering turnover? Those are just a few of the benefits my programs offer to businesses big and small. Using my Pathways to Parenthood Program, Coaching By Design, or a customized package created for your specific business, I can help your team tap into their greatest strengths, hone their focus, and navigate transitions successfully. As someone who spent 17 years in the corporate world, I know that clearer, more confident, employees make for a more fulfilled and productive workforce.

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