Curious about coaching? Check out these Q & As.

What’s the purpose of a life and career coach?

A life and career coach is someone who helps you figure stuff out in the context of your personal life, professional life, and every aspect of life in between. Whether it’s how to get out of a relationship rut, find a fulfilling career, or balance purposeful work and a family—a coach can help you tap into what’s possible. A coach is like that wise friend who makes you feel clearer and more motivated after you talk to them. But unlike a friend, coaches don’t have preconceived opinions about you, so they can offer more objective insights. Coaching also offers a structured conversation with a beginning, middle and end. It’s followed by action (or “homework”), then accountability. Next, progress. And finally, growth. Schedule your first free call

Why is having a coach so great?

You’d be amazed what you can uncover or create when someone listens to you in a judgement-free space, with an all-in approach. If you weren’t anticipating being interrupted or worried about what people thought, how might your thinking change?

Your coach can help you see things about yourself that you haven’t noticed before. Or help you discover a new way to approach something in your life by sharing their observations and perspective. They’re a business coach, relationship guide, community builder, and life advisor in one. They can ask you powerful questions that challenge some of your assumptions and help identify what’s holding you back.
Your coach gets you. Is there for you and with you. To help you get to a great place in your life and stay there, to find your ideal career, navigate a difficult transition, or achieve a feeling of greater peace and fulfillment. She is part of your “team” of mentors, best friends, spouses, instructors, stylists, or assistants—there to provide you with caring, focused support in a specific area of your life. Schedule your first free call

What are the benefits of life and career coaching?

If you are willing to put in the effort, energy and work, the sky’s the limit. But the first question to ask yourself is: Are you committed to being coached? Being committed means that you’ll schedule a coaching session and come to it ready to be focused. You’ll set goals and do the work to achieve them. It means that you are ready to make necessary changes. And really be bold about making things happen in your life. If you’re ready for that, then, through coaching, you can expect to feel enlightened, inspired, excited, and unstoppable. To gain the clarity you seek, the answer you want, and the next step you need. You can expect to create the life you really want to live. And live it on a daily basis, no longer waiting for “some day.” You’ll be intentional with your choices and feel more purposeful and fulfilled. You’ll know what you want next. And then go after it. Schedule your first free call

How is coaching different from therapy?

This can be confusing to many people, since coaching is a relatively new industry and many licensed psychologists have even become coaches themselves. But coaching and therapy have distinct differences. Coaching is designed for a person who is mentally healthy, but wants to make their life even better. Therapy is geared toward someone who may be working through deep-rooted issues or trauma. Working with a coach, you become part of a partnership where the client and coach work together to design a solution for the client. Therapy is more hierarchical, where the therapist may diagnose and treat the client. Coaching focuses on the present and the future, while therapy is often focused on the past. Schedule your first free call

Okay, that all sounds intriguing—so why should I consider choosing you as my coach, Sara?

Whether you’re becoming a parent for the first time, feeling unfilled in your job and want career path coaching, are interested in helping your team feel positively about themselves and their work, or want to reinvent yourself, I use coaching techniques designed to deliver the support and clarity you need. With my help, you’ll experience excitement and inspiration during transitions, instead of fear and anxiety. As a corporate coach, I bring the unique experience of my coaching background paired with a long history in the corporate world. I understand what it takes to help employees navigate complex life challenges in the context of work, and to help them find greater fulfillment on the job. My clients get to know and understand themselves better and be really clear about what they want. Clarity leads to confidence. Confidence leads to stronger instincts, more intentional actions, and the ability to take bold steps forward. The actions you take will help you stay connected to yourself, your work, and your community in the most authentic and fulfilling way. Schedule your first free call

I want all of those things! How does it work?

First, let’s make sure we are a good fit by having an initial, complimentary 30-minute phone call. Before the call, I’ll send you an online questionnaire so you can tell me more about yourself and begin to think through your objectives for coaching. And on our first call, we can chat through your answers and get to know each other a little bit. If you feel good about our call and ready for some coaching, you can choose from a couple of different coaching packages. I’ll help you determine what is best for you. Regardless of which package you choose, I’ll customize the offering to your specific needs. I have an online scheduling calendar so you can easily set up appointments and change them as needed. During your first official session, we’ll set up some specific and measurable goals for you. And at the end of each call we will agree on some actions for you to take moving forward. Schedule your first free call

I don’t live near you. Can you still be my coach?

Absolutely. All of my coaching sessions are done virtually, either via phone or video conference. Most of my clients prefer to do at least the first session through video conference so we can see each other, and many opt for phone calls after that. It’s completely up to you. I have clients located all over the world and am flexible with scheduling times to accommodate varying time zones. Schedule your first free call