What’s my story? Glad you asked.

Helping others learn to live boldly and intentionally is my dream job. My passion is providing people with the space, insightful questions, and one-on-one guidance they need to figure out what they really want and how to get it.

Life Coaching by Sara
My background

I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and have spent my life traveling and living around the world: making connections, having amazing experiences, and nurturing my relationships with family and friends. Before coaching, my career took me in a few different directions. I started off selling educational trips to Europe and then spent over a decade in the corporate marketing world, where I helped big brands like Visa, Kodak, and Lloyds Bank in London create and execute corporate hospitality programs at global events like the Olympics, FIFA World Cup, and The Super Bowl.

Life right now
The past few years have been the most transitional of my life, in a good way. I grew my family, migrated coasts, and evolved my career. I packed up and moved from San Francisco to Jacksonville, Florida, started my coaching business, got married, and had my first baby. All of these changes made me feel incredibly empowered, helped me realize major life dreams, and are allowing me to be exactly who I’m meant to be right now. I'm loving being a new parent, creating a home and community for our family, and fostering this entrepreneurial lifestyle that allows me to do what I love while living at a mindful pace.

Passion for coaching
I’m passionate about coaching because it lets me do what excites me most—connect to other people and help them navigate and better their worlds. Professionally, I've always been happiest in a mentorship role. And personally, I've always been drawn to conversations with friends and family around future planning, goal setting, and getting to know ourselves better. Now I enjoy the best of all worlds, helping people and teams reimagine their lives for the better and go after dreams they thought were impossible. 

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Focus on women
I’m intrigued by the challenges my generation of women faces—especially around balancing our opportunities, choices, and responsibilities. How do we know what we truly want versus what we feel like we should want? How can we carve out time to pursue all of the aspects of life we want to? I’m dedicated to helping women get to know themselves and their values better, then make confident choices that lead them straight to achieving their goals. 

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